Real Opportunity for Students

The SNP have failed Scotland's students.

101% increase in student borrowing?

46% decrease in spending on grants?

37% drop in college admissions?

Guess where this is happening? England, right?

You’ve heard about how harmful new Tory policies have been to students, so it must be there.


This is Scotland, after 8 years of SNP government.

They have the choice. They have the power.

And they used it to make it harder for young people to get on in life.

Fewer opportunities at FE. HE institutions struggling for funding. Increased student debt - even after they were first elected on a promise to abolish it. That’s the SNP’s legacy on student support.

Sign here to show them it's just not good enough. The Scottish Liberal Democrats have a real plan for change - together we can change students' lives for the better. 


Will you sign?

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