Mental Health Equality

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Every year, mental ill-health affects the quality of life of millions of people in Scotland. It’s a leading cause of inequality and disability, especially among young people. Because it’s invisible, it’s often ignored and neglected, even by our own government.

According to their own statistics, the Scottish Government has failed young people with mental health problems.

Only 0.45% of the NHS budget in Scotland goes toward young people’s mental health services,which is less than in England and Wales. As a result, last year, over 200 children waited for over a year to see someone from the mental health services after referral.

We’ve all heard about postcode lotteries in the NHS, but the situation is particularly bad in mental health care where some parts of Scotland are only half as likely to have proper access to services than others.

Liberal Youth Scotland wants to change all of this. We believe young people should be given all the help and opportunities they need to succeed and live a happy, fulfilling life.

3 ways Liberal Youth Scotland want to improve mental health services for young people

1. Give mental health services equal priority to physical health services, with the same waiting time targets.

2. Improved funding for services for both young people and those later on in life to provide lifelong, sustainable support.

3. Include mental health in all personal, social and health education in schools and colleges.

Liberal Youth Scotland has a track record of standing up for mental health and those affected by mental illness. Many of our members have been campaigning for years throughout the country and have been successful in putting this subject on the agenda. We have been standing up for some of the most vulnerable and voiceless in our society.

If you believe in speaking up for mental health too, join our campaign.

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