Liberal Youth Scotland Condemns Proposed Driving Curfew

Last week SNP MSP for North-East Scotland Mark McDonald called for new proposals that would restrict drivers between the ages of 17 and 25 only. These plans would seek to ban drivers within this age range from roads between 11pm and 4am every day, as well as prohibiting younger drivers from carrying passengers in their vehicles.

Commenting, Liberal Youth Scotland President David Green said:

“Liberal Youth Scotland believes that these proposals are based on a discriminatory assumption that young people are inherently bad drivers.

These proposals are punishing the responsible drivers in Scotland.  There is no regard for the damage these proposals would do to young people in rural areas, the potential damage to the environment, as young people would not be able to ‘car share’, not to mention the impact this would have on police resources. This is another SNP policy which has not been given due care and consideration.

The SNP should instead focus resources on dealing with the irresponsible driving culture amongst a minority of drivers of all ages, and work to encourage safer driving. The SNP seem intent on demonising young people rather than tackling the real issue on our roads.”

Tavish Scott MSP, Scottish Liberal Democrat spokesperson on Transport, added:

“These proposals would mean any semblance of social life for young people in rural areas would be greatly restricted. Once you pass a driving test, irrespective of age, you are judged competent to drive and with younger drivers the insurance market also adds to the cost by assessing risk to be greater.

I do not support this proposal.”